Erika Leake McKnight with Group of StudentsSummer Workshops

Summer Workshop for Middle School Flutists (7th and 8th grade only)

…will include preparation work for SCIBA Auditions (scales and top line of duets) for interested 8th graders. If 7th graders would like to work on the audition requirements in preparation for the workshop, they would benefit from this portion of the clinic and it will give them a head start for the future. However, if the material is too challenging for them at this time, that should not keep them from participating in the workshop.  7th graders will still benefit from our work on posture, breathing, tone production, vibrato, finger technique, articulation, etc.

Dates: TBA
Time: TBA
Location: TBA

Any additional materials will be provided at a future date. Please contact me if you are a 7th grader needing the SCIBA audition materials. I will send the materials to you earlier so you have time to practice.


Summer Workshop for High School Flutists (9th through 12th grade)

…will include preparation for All-State Auditions (scales, etudes, solo), which is the same material for SCIBA High School Honor Band. If you are interested in learning the etudes for either audition, this is the workshop for you. Even if not interested in auditioning for All-State or SCIBA, students will benefit from participation in the workshop.

Dates: TBA
Time: TBA
Location: TBA

Any additional materials, will be provided at a future date.


During both workshops we will cover:

  • Posture, breathing, tone production, vibrato, finger technique, articulation, etc.
  • Audition techniques
  • Performance anxiety
  • Ensemble playing through flute ensemble rehearsals
  • Other flute-related topics.

Click here to download the information on this page as a PDF file.


All participants need to come prepared with their flute, stand, and audition materials if planning on auditioning for SCIBA (8th grade only) or All-State.  Each student that plans to audition will get a chance to perform the audition materials.

I will send out flute ensemble parts prior to the workshop. Please practice these in preparation for the workshop. The earlier you register, the sooner you can work on your part.

The cost of each three-day workshop is $65.  The deadline for registration is TBA (please email if it is after the deadline and you would like to be considered for participation).

Please send a check (made out to Erika McKnight) postmarked by TBA (see note above) to 1428 42nd Street, Des Moines, IA 50311 and submit the following online form. If you wish to print the form and fill it out by hand, you may download a PDF version and mail it along with your check.

Student Information

Hope to see you there!

“If you are looking for professional, encouraging, and expert-level flute lessons, then I highly recommend Erika McKnight."

- Nancy Kelly

"I had the distinct pleasure and privilege of learning from Erika during my years in the Drake Flute Studio. I had moved across the country to study with her and she helped me feel welcome and at ease immediately, not only in her style of teaching, but in her gentle and gracious personality. Erika pushed me to become the best flute player I could possibly be, challenging what I thought were my limits and helping me audition to be in the top performing ensemble at Drake.

"Throughout my years as her student, I was not only thankful for who she was as my teacher with all her wisdom, but who she was as a person and mentor in my life. Now, as a music educator in Des Moines, I regularly refer my band students, who play flute, to take privately with her. The time they are able to invest in flute education together is light years beyond the 15 to 20-minute lesson I'm able to give them weekly in my band room. Students who take lessons with her will notice a distinction in tone quality and musicianship unmatched by their peers and a blessing to the ensembles in which they perform. I cannot recommend Erika enough!"

--Carrie Krupke, BME (Music Education) Drake University, Norwalk Middle School Instrumental Instructor, Norwalk, IA